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Basketball Playoffs!

It’s time for New Mexico HS Basketball Playoffs! District, First-Round, and the NMAA Boys & Girls State Basketball Championships! Follow the link to purchase your Longhorns and Lady Horns Playoff T-Shirts-available in 50/50 and Triblend Tees. — Store only open on these until Friday, March 1st! Go Horns! –All proceeds go to the Logan Longhorn Booster Club–

Click Here for your Playoffs T-Shirts!!

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Breezy Savings!

I’m not sure about where you live, but if you’re like me, and live in New Mexico, particularly Eastern NM, the wind is blowing today. And tomorrow. And likely the following 15-45 days… Some days we moan and groan about the wind and what Spring brings to us in the Southwest. Other days, we simply accept where we live, and enjoy the warmer days this season gives us, the cool mornings and evenings, and most of all the incredible sunsets we get to experience thanks to all the dust hanging in the atmosphere in our beautiful corner of the world.

It’s the time of year that high school basketball is getting extremely interesting, to say the least. Teams are jockeying for position at the upcoming State Tourneys; at this point of the season, every game, every quarter, every possession counts. I’ve seen some baseball and softball teams getting out on their respective yards and kicking up their share of dust as well.

It’s a really swell time of year, to say the least. Time to start thinking about the summer days ahead, and to save on those winter items for next Winter–or for the late-April, early-May “unexpected” snow storm, that always seems to find us.

THIS WEEK ONLY-Spend $50+ in the Store, and use the code BREEZY25 to save 25% off your order! That’s basically a free FTS Tee at 50, and a free Longhorn hoodie at 100!! Sale ends Friday 2/15 –

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Is Spring upon us?…

Hello all-it’s been awhile since my last post-As I headed to the shop this morning, I got a whiff of something in the air that I haven’t smelled in many months. I don’t want to jinx anything, but this morning, in Eastern NM, the smell of spring is in the air. Seriously. The kids told me it’s the smell of the birds. I think it’s the smell of warmer air, the grass standing up a little straighter, maybe a little dust kicked up by the 6am breeze, and possibly the birds, as they were a little more active than they have been….

As we ready for longer, warmer days of Springtime, that will eventually carry us into our coveted Summer in our little lakeside village, we have some new items in our Store. We also have some of our Winter gear going on sale. Be sure to check out the striped scarf-I found one of the top international models around to show it off…